Mesopeels FAQ

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How Long Do Mesopeel Treatments Take?

Treatments times vary from 30-45 minutes depending upon which strength of peel is being used.

How Many Mesopeel Treatments Will I Require?

A course of 6 treatments normally at 2 weekly intervals are necessary for optimal results.

What Will I See After A Mesopeel Treatment?

The skin may be slightly red immediately after treatment but normal gentle activities can be resumed straight away.

How Does a Mesopeel Treatment Feel?

The peels are generally described as mildly uncomfortable at worst. Generally a warming sensation will be felt and the skin might feel “tingly”.  The stronger peels might produce a mild burning sensation which can be alleviated by using  the cold air blower.

How Do I Prepare For Mesopeel Treatment?

Sometimes home care  products might need to be used prior to the first peel. Generally a milder peel such as 10% Salcylic Acid or microdermabrasion is sufficient skin preparation for the stronger mesopeels though.

Am I Suitable For A Mesopeel Treatment?

Mesopeel treatments are not suitable for persons who have suffered or are suffering with:


Kidney Disease

Cancer or Skin cancer


Auto Immune Disorders