Laser Tattoo Removal

After one treatment

After eight treatments

At the Devon Laser Clinic we use a Polaris Q-switched Ruby laser for tattoo removal. This is a class 4, active medical laser which means it has very high peak powers delivering its energy in a much more effective pulse than many of the cheaper lasers that can be found today.

The Q-Switched Ruby Laser is suitable for fair skinned persons for the removal of tattoos which contain mostly black, blues and greens. Some inks and colours will not respond to any laser.

The laser works by firing a beam of light through the skin in extremely short pulses. The light is absorbed by the tattoo ink creating a reaction which breaks down the ink into very tiny particles. This allows the body’s defence mechanisms to take over and gradually remove the pigment.

Because each pulse is so short (typically 25 billionths of a second!) and is targeted directly onto the pigment, there is normally no lasting damage to the skin or surrounding tissue. The whole procedure is repeated several times, usually at about six to eight weekly intervals, so allowing time for the body to remove as much pigment as possible.

Simple amateur tattoos may be removed in just a few treatments but professional tattoos may require 10-15 treatments.